Where is Pebbly from?
Pebbly originates from France and MyChillKitchenette is Pebbly's Singapore authorised distributor.

What makes Pebbly different from other kitchenware?
Majority of Pebbly's items are made of the eco-friendly material, bamboo.Bamboo material is not only lightweight and easy to clean, but also has the ability to resist high heat! Bamboo is often a more preferred material by many as it is naturally anti-bacterial and anti-fungal as well! Most importantly, Pebbly is made of sustainable materials such as glass or bamboo that are friendly to our environment!

What is the highest temperature that Pebbly's Spatula can withstand?
Silicone rubber is generally non-reactive, stable and resistant to extreme temperatures from -55 to 300 degree celcius while maintaining its useful properties. Hence, they are suitable for cooking purpose over the stove as well.

Can I use Pebbly utensils right over the stove to stir fry or cook?
Yes, with the high tolerance to heat of 400 degree celsius, they are suitable for use over the stove.

Why does my Magnetic Tong not able to stay/ stick on my fridge?
You will have to charge the magnet in the tong by placing a magnetic object against the magnet chip (at the top of the tong) for a few seconds and try it again!

Are Pebbly Salad Bowls suitable for storage use?
They are made from bamboo-fibre that comes with a bamboo lid and is BPA-free which makes it perfect to serve your dishes! However, it is not an airtight container and hence is not recommended for storage use.

Can I use Pebbly Salad Bowl over the stove?
No, it is not recommended to cook over the stove as the material is made of bamboo-fibre.

Is it suitable to microwave/ oven Pebbly Beeswax Food Wrap?
No, it is not recommended to. Best to avoid any heat such as hot water, microwaves, or ovens that will cause the beeswax to melt and ruin your wraps.

How do I maintain my Pebbly bamboo/ silicone kitchenwares?
Make a thick paste with baking soda and water. Apply it to the desired area and leave the paste to dry (roughly 1-2 hours). Then, wash it away with hot water and mild soap. Use a clean towel to dry off the kitchenware immediately, do not leave it to air dry.

How do I condition/ season my Pebbly bamboo kitchenwares?
Oil the bamboo kitchenwares periodically to renew and retain vibrancy. You may use a paper towel or a small piece of clean cloth to oil the utensil. Let it sit for about 20 minutes, then wipe thoroughly with a clean, unoiled cloth.