Dual Function Gel Only (Pack of 2)

Dual Function Gel Only (Pack of 2)

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Dual function gel that the works both ways and our triple insulation, it makes your foods stays fresh/warm for hours!

✅size: 8.5x7.5cm

Keeps food warm for up to 2 hours or more!
1️⃣ Hot bath the gel pad in hot water for 30seconds
2️⃣ Remove with care & slot into the inner pockets of the lunch bag
3️⃣ Place your lunch bento flat & zip it up!

Keeps food cold for up to 6 hours or more!
1️⃣ Freeze the gel pad in freezer for 4-6 hours (you can opt to freeze the whole bag if you are forgetful)
2️⃣ Slot the freezed gel pads into the inner pockets of the lunch bag
3️⃣ Place all your coldies (suitable for breastmilk, dairy products or any food that is best cold) & zip it up!